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Can I track my order?

Our free delivery uses Royal Mail options that do not provide tracking. If you've paid to upgrade your delivery to an expedited option then tracking will be included, and your shipping confirmation email will contain an easy link to get through to it.

Do I have to log in to order?

Nope! Quickest support article ever. Our account system is there to help customers when and if they need it. If you're happy ordering as you need it and don't care about re-entering addresses and remembering printer models then great, just add to your basket and go to the checkout as normal. You get the same pricing and delivery options as someone who is logged in to their account, all you miss out on is order history and faster re-ordering.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery depends on what you order and when. The quick answer is "our delivery is one of the fastest online, you won't be waiting more than a couple of days".

Free Delivery?

All orders by default enjoy free delivery. These normally arrive next day and will definitely arrive within 5 working days. For rarer items that have minimal stock we might send an item direct from a supplier to you, meaning you'll enjoy a free courier service on us!

Cartridge Support

HP has continued their anti-competitive mission against refilled cartridges with a “protection” system on genuine inks. It’s frustrating, and we’ve got all the details here for you. Recently viewed articles How long does delivery take? Do I have to log in to order? Can I track my order? I haven't received my DESC multipack How do I cancel an order? Browse support sections Delivery & Orders Returns & Refunds Account Help Cartridge Support 'HP protected cartridge' error HP has continued their anti-competitive mission against refilled cartridges with a “protection” system on genuine inks. It’s frustrating, and we’ve got all the details here for you. What is HP cartridge protection? Once a cartridge has been installed in a printer it is marked as ‘protected’, so it can only be installed in that machine. This obviously means it cannot be refilled to use in another printer, essentially forcing it to landfill. (crazily, it will even stop you using your ink in a new printer if your one packs in). How do you get rid of the 'HP protected cartridge' error The only way to remove this error is to replace the chip on your cartridge, which is not feasible for most users. You’ll need to request a replacement from the store you purchased the ink from. Our suppliers check for protection during the refilling process so you should never have this problem with our HP ink You can protect yourself going forwards though, preventing future protected cartridge errors.... How to help stop this happen The protected setting is applied by your printer when the genuine cartridge is installed, so disable this ‘feature’ and keep any genuine inks you use away from landfill. If your printer does not have internet features You have it easy :) Go to Settings on your printer menu where you’ll find a ‘Disable cartridge protection’ option.
There are few things more annoying than trying to print and getting a “No Ink” error, but don’t fret, the following parts of this page will break down the few ways this error can occur, and how to fix them. 1. Could the cartridge actually be empty? You'd be amazed but it happens. If you've had the cartridge installed for a while, could it be empty? 2. Clean the cartridge chip Check the copper-banding on your cartridge. This is the chip and what communicates with the printer. Give the offending cartridge a gentle wipe with a cloth or pencil eraser to clear any dust or obstructions. Reinstall it and that should remove your error. 3. Hard restart your printer Turn your printer off at the plug for 20 seconds, then turn it back on. This will refresh your printer memory and should remove the error. Special Cases If you're using refilled cartridges Refilled cartridges use a previously used chip for ink levels (as they're cartridges that have been used once then refilled). Some of these chips cannot be reset, so once they’ve read empty the first time they’ll always read as empty regardless of how much ink is in the tank. Just print until your pages start to fade and you know it's time to replace it. If you're using a Canon printer Refilled Canon cartridges trigger the printer status monitor, so you'll need to disable it. To do this just hold the Stop/reset button for 5 seconds when you get the error (it's the red circle with a triangle in it). If troubleshooting didn't help and your printer is still reporting low ink, get in touch and we'll have you sorted in no time.
If you’ve ever had an Epson printer, it’s quite likely that at some point in time you will have attempted to print in black only to receive an error message that you cannot print until a colour cartridge is replaced. Scandalous! Ridiculous! I want to print some work, not a multi-coloured rainbow of joy. This understandably irks our customers quite considerably, so we went and got the answer for you! Why can't I print In black when a colour is empty? and I quote…. “If ink is not in the tubes from the head to the cartridge, air will be sucked in and therefore cause damage to the print head. This is because the nozzles are in the print head and not in the cartridge. ” What Epson are basically saying is… if this safeguard was not in place, and you sent a print request for black when a colour cartridge was empty, there is a risk of air being pulled into the printhead. This air will ruin the vacuum effect needed for the printhead to pull ink in, meaning your printhead would be at risk of never printing again. Additionally, if any air is allowed go get into the aforementioned tubes from the head to the cartridge, any remaining ink will coagulate. Just in case you’re not a scientist – coagulation in a tube/cartridge is bad, and will lead to you not being able to print again with that cartridge, or to a blocked nozzle/printhead which will require a significant amount of cleaning cycles to budge. Will printing black without a colour really break my printer? Now we're not one to accuse a manufacture of profiteering …. but this does sound a legitimate response from Epson, especially considering how advanced the piezoelectric technology is in their newer range of printers (which it is worth remembering utilises a very expensive printhead that is basically too expensive to replace. Essentially, whether you believe it's true or not, the issue is there and is something to consider.
A question we encounter hundreds of times a week is a simple fear for many consumers: Does the use of compatible cartridges void my printer warranty? As you’d expect, the answer is murky, and it depends which warranty you are referring to. Before you get into the nitty gritty We hate the confusion and uncertainty behind this so we make it incredibly simple for anyone ordering from Stinkyink. For any and all orders from Stinkyink, your 1 year money back guarantee covers your products AND your printer. That's all there is to it. You can use originals, third party cartridges, anything you want. If it came from Stinkyink then your printer is covered too. Nice and easy! If you were silly enough to purchase from someone other than us, you'll need to check the details below. Good luck getting it sorted :) My printer was purchased within 12 months A manufacturer is legally required to give a 1-year guarantee on electrical products. They cannot have anti-competitive terms here. If your printer was purchased within 12 months, the supplier has to PROVE that the third party cartridges caused the fault with the printer. They cannot just state “you used a compatible, we’re not helping”. Read your warranty and bring their attention to the details, likely in the form of “warranty does not apply if damage is caused by non-original products”. They should arrange an engineer visit to determine the fault and what caused it. If it’s the printer fault, great, they’ll sort it. If it is the cartridges then your supplier guarantee will cover it. My printer is in an extended warranty after 12 months from purchase These optional warranties are provided by the manufacturer and they can set their own terms. This means that they can void your warranty for using third party cartridges. In this case follow these tips. Contact your manufacturer – it may be a known printer fault (e.g. Kodak printheads cracking) If they refuse to help, contact your supplier explaining the problem. If there’s a chance the consumable caused it, they will arrange an independent engineer to fix the issue and find the fault (as they should guarantee their products) If the cartridge was the cause your supplier guarantee should cover it If the printer is at fault, you have an engineers report to talk to the manufacturer about. Important note: If the engineer is confident it is a printer fault you will have a much higher chance of success talking to the manufacturer if you have original cartridges in the machine when they look to resolve the issue.
Epson and other printers commonly get a Not Recognised error. Follow this troubleshooting to find what's causing your error, getting you back up and printing in no time. Fix #1: Check The Three Basics There are three quick checks that account for nearly all 'Not Recognised' errors. They may seem trivial but check them just in case: Have you been using the cartridge for a while? Most compatibles say 'not recognised' when they are empty. Are you using the correct cartridges for your printer? The wrong ink will return an error. Is the cartridge in the correct slot? A black in a colour slot will say not recognised. Even if you're 100% each of these points is correct, double check them. You'd be amazed how easily a simple mistake can creep in. Fix #2: Check Which Cartridge Has The Issue If your printer is only reporting one cartridge having the error, skip to fix #3. If you've replaced more than one cartridge and are seeing errors across the whole set (even ones that were working previously) then it is just a fault with a single cartridge that is registering across every cartridge. Find out and fix the necessary cartridge by: Remove all of the new cartridges you had installed and re-install the old (empty) cartridges that worked Restart the printer, this should remove the not recognised error (and tell you some are empty) Install one of the new cartridges Keep installing the new cartridges one-by-one until the error returns. That is the cartridge to troubleshoot. Fix #3: Clean The Contact Chip Check the copper banding on each of the cartridges. This is their contact chip and what communicates with the printer. Give them each a gentle wipe with a cloth or pencil eraser to ensure they are clean and dust free. Reinstall the cartridge to your machine and restart the printer, this should clear the error. Fix #4: Do A Hard Reset As strange as it sounds, errors can be "remembered" by the printer. Once you've cleaned the chip and reinstalled the cartridge turn the printer off at the plug, wait 30 seconds then turn it back on. Often you'll find the error has been cleared and you're free to print. Still Getting The Not Recognised Error? If you're still receiving an error it is likely your cartridge has a fault. Get in touch with us.
This is an unavoidable downside of using refilled or remanufactured cartridges in your Canon machine. This error occurs due to the chip on your cartridge still reporting a low or empty ink level from it’s previous use. The chip itself cannot be reset, so when the cartridge is refilled and then installed into a new machine it will still register as empty. The following fix will work with nearly any refilled Canon cartridges, including the popular ranges: PG-40 & CL-41 PG-50 & CL-51 PG-540 & CL-541 PG-545 & CL-546 How to stop your printer reporting low ink To disable the status monitor in your Canon printer, hold the printer’s stop/reset button for 5 seconds. Once this is done you will no longer get updates about your ink levels. While this isn’t ideal, it means you can still enjoy the cost savings from the refilled or remanufactured Canon cartridges, without pesky alerts. Make sure you monitor the print quality from these cartridges. Once they start to fade, the ink is likely running low and they will need replacing. Finally, ignore any “Print Quality” alerts the printer gives you. It’s an automatic response from you installing a used cartridge, and they will work fine until they run out of ink.