Ink Cartridges. Your printer always ready

When the life of our ink cartridges runs out, we always have the same question, should we buy compatible or original? , "That's the question."

So that this doubt does not arise again when buying cartridges, it is advisable to know that if the compatible is of quality, the difference is almost non-existent for the consumer, keeping prices aside, which are undoubtedly considerably cheaper. Many people think that buying cheap cartridges can cause the printer to malfunction or offer bad prints, but at we only work with manufacturers that offer us a guarantee of the highest quality, so we can guarantee your best printing.

Most of the compatible ink cartridges that we offer on the web are of high capacity, with a longer duration than the original ones, and with a full two-year guarantee from the purchase of the consumable.

Our products have ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environment certificates from the manufacturer. During its manufacturing process and before going to the market, tests are carried out to verify that it has the highest quality.

It is evident that the manufacturer of each printer model will recommend the use of original inks from its own brand, but we guarantee that with both options, optimal results will be obtained.

To certify the quality and duration of the consumable, it is advisable to carry out some printing at least every two weeks. It is also recommended that for occasional uses a print and head cleaning be performed every so often. In this way we will keep our cartridges always ready.